Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I was sitting at my daughter's swim meet this evening with my two sons (Thing One and Thing Two), my husband, my mom and my dad. While we were all enjoying watching my daughter swim, there was plenty of time between her heats for us to talk. As usual, I found myself smack dab in the middle of the family, so I began listening and responding to those closest to me at the beginning of the meet. My youngest son (Thing Two) was talking to me about basketball and was wondering why I didn't write down his stats last year for that like I was writing down his sister's times. My dad was on the other side and talking about the races going on (imagine that). My mother was sitting next to Thing Two and she began to list the area restaurants and their differing qualities. Soon into this latest topic, Thing One decided to talk about gaming systems and computer servers. My husband came in a little later and was complaining about trying to find the school, then the pool (away meet) and I began to giggle.

My husband assumed I was laughing about his inability to locate the school, although I later told him we drove right past and had to turn around as well. I was really laughing about one's ability to understand and interact with so many people almost simultaneously coming from so many different perspectives on seemingly limitless topics. I completely understood each conversation and managed a few words myself to each person before I switched to the next. There were only 5 perspectives there tonight, but I had tried to see 25 student's perspectives on different topics throughout the previous hours of the day. No wonder I started to giggle.

I was still chuckling a little on the way home....alone.


  1. Teachers are the master multi-taskers. I liked your perspective on perspectives.

  2. I know what you mean! Those family conversations at stuff like this get so jumbled up and it's sort of fun to try to follow all of them. :)