Sunday, March 4, 2012


Lately, my triad of home children have been bringing home some funny (to me) sayings that I'm assuming are floating around the middle school. My favorite this week is "chillax". I have heard them use it with each other and yesterday, it was thrown my way. Amazingly, it worked. I had to chuckle because I hadn't been the lucky recipient until then and it just sounded so silly. I was wondering what other two words we could merge, beside the overused blending of star couple's names. Sadly, I can't seem to think of any on my own. Maybe if I just chillax some more, inspiration will strike.


  1. Oooo...this is one of my favorite topics. I've made up the word lunner. I figure we have brunch so why not lunner? From my configurations, it'll be in the dictionary in less than 10 years. So, use it so we can maybe make it happen in less than five! Another one I use (thanks to one of my students) is yesternight. Makes perfect sense, right?

  2. Kristy, above, I love yesternight! And Amy, love that chillax. I am teaching all ages now, so don't get the usual interaction with the middleschoolers as much. What a great thing to talk about. I wonder if you started a list?

  3. yeah. good advice.
    But now Monday is almost here .. aahhhh

  4. How about "sinspiration"? don't ask.... :) I'm stuffing my face with Ben and Jerry's trying to deny that tomorrow's Monday.

  5. When I read your title on the blogroll, I laughed. My kids use this word too and it's fun. My oldest seems to think that I need to chillax more often. When Kristy above mentioned that her word making it into the dictionary, it reminded me of the book Frindle by Andrew Clements. A boy makes up a word that all the kids begin using. Great post.