Friday, March 16, 2012


I admit I am a hot person.  Not physically, not anymore anyway.   I mean hot, like temperature hot.  When my husband is all snuggled in the winter blankets up to his chin, I have a leg out.  When others in my school are wearing sweaters when the air conditioning is on, I have short sleeves on and may even be a little clammy at certain times of the day. 

For the past few days, the air conditioning has been on at school, but not at home.  That would be ridiculous, right?  Air conditioning in March? However, I have been HOT the last two nights and have not slept well.  I have not admitted this at all, especially at home with the energy-saver husband.  I haven't said anything at work, but have relished the cool air. I have been feeling rather alone with my internal furnace raging.  Until tonight.....

I went on a walk after dinner, thinking it would be cooler then.  I was wrong, but was enjoying the walk nonetheless.  Suddenly, I heard a wonderful, man-made whirring sound as I passed a house near mine.  I quickly glanced up to see if the windows were closed...confirmed.  I slowed down (if possible) as I came closer to the outside unit...gentle whirring!  I am not alone!  How happy I am to have temperature challenged neighbors!  By the time I got home, I counted two more homes where comfortable families will sleep tonight, all snug in their beds.  They may even have to throw on a blanket.  Maybe June.


  1. hmmm... I could write the opposite post. :) I hope that you find some relief at night so you can sleep, but I will continue to hope that the air at school isn't set quite so cool if this warm spell keeps up.

  2. Like Ruth, I am the opposite, too. Except for my feet. My feet are hot! I could sleep with ice packs on them and the rest of me snuggled under 10 blankets. Enjoy the AC!!!

  3. This is just like my daughter. When she was young, we were constantly telling her to put on her slippers, etc. Now we realize that she really is hot natured, & she's skinny! Like you, she just has a different inner furnace going. She goes barefoot in the winter & is just fine. I want to tell you though with this latest heat wave (in March!) I've changed the comforter to something lighter. It's surprised us all! Good luck with getting the air on earlier!

  4. Loving the weather too. I heard our neigh bor's air on the other day when we just had the windows open and ceiling fans. My kids have been complaining about "how hot it is at school". You crafted your description so well. Keep posting. I love your voice in your writing. Today is Tuesday, the regular SOL day,so I hope to see you again.