Tuesday, March 13, 2012

grill me

I swear you could put a ten inch rat on a grill and it would taste good.  In some places they probably do.  We had an old favorite of chicken fajitas tonight and I thought it was July.  I'm glad it's not.  The sad thing is that our family really only likes about 5 things on the grill and we've almost done them all, in March.  I think it may be time to expand our horizons, our waistlines and our thoughts this year.  Since it seems we may be in store for the longest summer on record, I'm making it my goal to gorge on the grill with some new grub.  I may ask neighbors, friends, scour the internet.  There is no safe place for a relishing recipe to hide.  Watch out world, hear my grill!


  1. If you share your fajita recipe, I might know something about yummy pork...and also some grilled veggies that even my kids eat. :)

  2. I love grilled food. My husband does the grilling and I'm with you, most everything tastes better. I love your use of the Magic of 3 (or Power of 3 as some say.)
    MH at Booksavors.wordpress.com