Thursday, March 29, 2012


I lost my school keys last week.  I went from thinking it was no big deal the first day to depressed resignation at this point.  I have yet to make the leap to the office and admit defeat, but it may happen soon.  Ironically, we are writing lost and found stories in our classroom this week.  The kids have used story wheels to organize their stories.   For some reason, I have called them maps instead of wheels.  Today, I shared with them that lost my keys.  I was starting to tell them all the places I had look, when a little boy (Omar) said, "I think you need to make a map.  Then you'll find it!"  I love that children reduce life to simple terms.  I'm half tempted to give it a try...

Sunday, March 25, 2012

a peanut butter day

Tonight, I was on the phone with my mom when I could hear her start to cry.  We had been scheduling a busy evening with my kids tomorrow, so I didn't think it was anything we had talked about.  I asked her if she was okay and she said no, not really.  Really concerned now, I asked what was wrong.  She told me it was just what my grandma used to call a Peanut Butter Day.  It was a day that really didn't make sense, but it was that way anyway.  I had never heard that story before, but I understood the sentiment entirely.  It also made me feel better.  I know she'll be okay, she just needs to slog through the sticky, clingy muck and emerge herself again.  Maybe tomorrow will be a jelly day for her!  Of course, that word doesn't make much sense either...

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Ah, nuts

The squirrels are back in our neighborhood and I love hearing them eat their nuts while I locate them in the trees.  Today, a squirrel was just going at it for what seemed like forever, which is just about how long it took for me to find him.  He was fairly far up, but what made him hard to find was his size.  He was just a tiny critter. I had never seen such a little one, so I paused to watch and listen.  Since I had heard him for so long, I assumed he certainly must be almost finished, but he wasn't.  I watched him for several more minutes, just making a racket and enjoying his nutty nourishment.  As time went by, my mind drifted to pondering how much our children are like this little squirrel.  They may be small, but they often work really hard, even when no one is watching over them.  And, isn't this our goal? So, I went back inside to more closely observe my little home nutcrackers to see if I had been missing some self initiated work they had been doing.  Sometimes, I need to listen a little more closely, speak less often,  and follow along. 

Friday, March 23, 2012

ice is nice

I love ice cubes.  They crunch and cool you down.  The square ones out of the bag are the best.  They are mostly such proud individuals, with the occasional social group solidified together.  They make my drinks happy and my teeth crush and pulverize.  It's worth the risk of that one little piece that seems to sit on a tooth a little too long and ZING it touches that nerve.  So, you wait a minute or two and tap that cup again.  A new, slightly melted, slippery soft cube rushes in and you start all over.  I love ice.  

Thursday, March 22, 2012

the laundry, the whole laundry, and nothing but laundry!

Our children have chores.  None of them are very good at them, but do attempt when prompted.  These chore rounds last a month.  Our theory is that you should do one until you get better at it before moving on.  Typically, they start strong week one and then the enthusiasm slowly wanes to the frequent pity party near week four.  Anyway, our oldest (14) had the laundry job last month.  He is a very smart child with little motivation for mundane tasks and so I dreaded his laundry rotation, but headed in with a mother's hope.  By the middle of week one, we realized there was a problem.  No one had any clean clothes.  Now, I knew the loads were going in, heard the dryer, saw him folding, so it took a while to get it.  Around day 6 I peeked in the washer and dryer.  The washer was half full and the dryer had maybe 8 pieces of clothing in it.  For the life of me I could not figure this one out.  We had Mount Kilimanjaro forming in the laundry room, so there was no lack of items.  I called him up from the gaming dungeon downstairs.  This is what he said, really.

"Well, if I have the washer full, that's a lot of clothes to fold.  So, if I don't put in so many, there won't be so many to do."  My dentist has been gently speaking to me the last few years about the wearing down of my teeth.  He lives in my neighborhood.  I may invite him over to let him understand my home situation.

It was after this conversation when I understood that he was also taking out half of the half load to dry it so he had even less to fold.  At this point I called my dentist for an appointment and decided to go on a walk before I did something good moms don't.  I tried to put on my socks to walk.  I had one wet one and one dry. 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

fire me up!

We had a bonfire at our house this evening, in the 84 degree heat.  I loved it!  We just moved here in September and have many old bushes and stumps we are slowing burning over time.  I love almost everything about a fire. The smell, the company of my husband while we tend the fire.  I love the 'smores we make with the kids as well as the occasional hot dog.  I feel alive being outside with the other living creatures and searching for more things to burn, little twigs, a pinecone or two.   The flames are mesmerizing.  It's sort of a challenge as well to keep the flames going, yet add more leaves and stumps at the same time.  I was sad to come in for dinner, but happy to know there will be many more in our furture here. 

Friday, March 16, 2012


I admit I am a hot person.  Not physically, not anymore anyway.   I mean hot, like temperature hot.  When my husband is all snuggled in the winter blankets up to his chin, I have a leg out.  When others in my school are wearing sweaters when the air conditioning is on, I have short sleeves on and may even be a little clammy at certain times of the day. 

For the past few days, the air conditioning has been on at school, but not at home.  That would be ridiculous, right?  Air conditioning in March? However, I have been HOT the last two nights and have not slept well.  I have not admitted this at all, especially at home with the energy-saver husband.  I haven't said anything at work, but have relished the cool air. I have been feeling rather alone with my internal furnace raging.  Until tonight.....

I went on a walk after dinner, thinking it would be cooler then.  I was wrong, but was enjoying the walk nonetheless.  Suddenly, I heard a wonderful, man-made whirring sound as I passed a house near mine.  I quickly glanced up to see if the windows were closed...confirmed.  I slowed down (if possible) as I came closer to the outside unit...gentle whirring!  I am not alone!  How happy I am to have temperature challenged neighbors!  By the time I got home, I counted two more homes where comfortable families will sleep tonight, all snug in their beds.  They may even have to throw on a blanket.  Maybe June.