Wednesday, March 14, 2012

count your brushes!

Like every morning, I went through my mental list of kids and made sure everyone had brushed their teeth before school.  When it was finally my turn to brush,  I had the urge to feel the brushes just to make sure everyone had brushed like they claimed.  While I was doing this, I realized there were four brushes.  We only have three children. 

When I was all ready to leave, I asked my threesome about the toothbrushes thinking one of them had gotten a new one somehow from the orthodontist or something.  My youngest said, "Oh, that's the one we use for Ricky".  He's our turtle.  They clean him with an old toothbrush, which is now stored WITH THEIR BRUSHES!!

Count your brushes tonight.  You may be surprised!


  1. Ewww!!! Thanks for the laugh! Kids!

  2. Thank you.

    I will count my toothbrushes :)

  3. Oh no!! Did you feel the urge to make everyone gargle with some type of disinfectant or something?? I will admit that I'm laughing right now, but I can imagine your horror. :)

  4. I laughed! Oh the things our children do. The bold print added your intense surprise.
    Hello, I am slowly making my way around the blogs on SOL. I hope you will continue to add your slice, especially on Tuesdays. Wait - that's today. Hope on in. Your writing has great voice.
    MH at